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was created to connect skills and experience in animation and film industry to  

world wide network of talented freelance friends. Together we are magic.


  2003-2020 Director/Animator/Producer in:

- Katy Perry Music video "Resilient" {Animation, Co-designer & Head of Modelmaking}

Ronley Teper and the Lipliners Music video " New Love" {Director, Animator, Producer}

Augmented Reality experience App for iPhones related to Dogs' Dales Story {Director, Animator, Producer}

Theatre set animations and Graphic Design form Whiskers First Winter theatre production {Animator, Designer}

- NHS Infomercial "Our Healthy Bacteria" {Director, Animator, Producer}

- Yorkshire Dales Trust short film "Muker Schoolmasters Ghostly Adventure"  {Animator}

- Hope and Social Music video "Sunrise Laughing" {Director, Animator, Producer}

- Dyson Christmas commercial "Unwrapping" {Animator}

- H&M commercial "Flower" {Animator & Consultant}

- RTJ music video "Don't Get Captured" {Animator}

- Father John Misty music video "Things that could have been good to know..." {Animator}

-  Radiohead music video “Burn the Witch” {Animator}

- Wenthworths Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas commercial- {Animator}

- Douglas Couplands’ commercial for his new Toronto public art project “Cones”. {Co-Director & Animator}

-Tara Baswani music video "Sophie"  {Director & Animator}

-Tara Baswani music video "Breakdown" {Director & Animator}

-“Fair Vote Canada”. Animated infomercial. {Director & Animator}

-Amanda Mabro music video “I need a man” {Director & Producer}

-Badder music video “Religion” {Director, Animator, Producer}

-Tanya Philipowich music video “Holy Tomato” {Director, Animator, Producer}

-Woodlice music video “Everybody’s got a beard” {Director, Producer}

-Woodlice music video “Kitten in a Ketchup” {Director, Producer}

-Terhi music video “Insomnia” {Director, Producer}

-Afenginn music video “Iguana Segregates” {Director, Animator, Producer}

-Colleen and Paul music video “Crepe Suzette” {Director}

-“Music Gift Express” commercial for Puretracks {Director & Animator}

- Madame De C. music video “How far” {Director, Animator, Producer}

- Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett music video  “Fall from Grace” {Director, Animator, Producer}

- Antlers and Anchors music video  “The Dream of the Dead Caribou” {Director & Animator}

- Ketsia music video “Quand je t’ai rencontré” {Director & Animator}

- Animated short film “Les Pansements” {Director, Animator, Producer}

- Donzelle music video “Fachos Du Timbre” {Director & Animator}

-Kim Nyberg symphony “Nordisk” performance film. {Director, Animator, Producer}


- Native and the Name music video 'Plain Song' {Animator}

-Creature Comforts USA {Animator}

- Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were Rabbit (co. with DreamWorks) {Assistant Animator}

- Shaun the Sheep season1{Assistant Animator}

-Creature Comforts season 1{Work experiencer}

- Angry Kid {Work experiencer}

- Wallace and Gromit -Cracking Contraptions  {Work experiencer}


- Radiohead music video "There There" {Animator and modelmaker}

- The Bees music video “Who cares what the Question is?”  {Animator}

- The Knife music video “Marble house” {Animator}

- Turbo Negro music video “City of satan” {Animator}

- Feature film Pilot “Shockheaded Peter”(co. with Passion Pictures) {Animator}

- Feature film "The Fantastic Fear of Everything" (co. with Universal Pictures) {Animator}


-Glen Martin DDS season 1-2 {Animator}

-Rick and Steve {Animator}

-Nerdland {Animator}

Rose and Violet-short animated film by Luc Otter 
Higglety Pigglety Pop-short mixed media film written by Maurice Sendak {Modelmaker}
Seaturtle- a short animated film about sea life {
Modelmaker and Consultant}


- Voivod music video “Polaroids” {Animator}
 -Pierre Lapointe music video “2x2” {Animator}

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